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Destiny was formed in 2004 by Bea Youngs and Professional Paintball Player for the Los Angeles Ironmen, Mike Paxson. Destiny is the first all-female team to make it to Finals and place in 2nd at a national event on American turf. Destiny is the only all-American team attending the World Cup Asia event as "Destiny Army USA" in 2012. Destiny is also the only female-rostered team in history to be the first to win a D2 Championship (The 2006 San Diego Super 7 Championship / LTZ Destiny.

Kat Secor is the Team Captain and has been with Destiny from 2005-2007. She returned to Destiny in 2012 and became Destiny's Team Captain and one of the Commanders in 2013.

2012, Destiny attended the World Cup Asia event in Langkawi, Malaysia. (Nov 7-12) as "Destiny ARMY USA". We recruited several girls from the Destiny Army concept to help us make it on our Road to Malaysia! Stay tuned for more information about how Destiny Army works and how you can become an annual member.

Destiny was also a part of co-ed team, combining forces with Xclsuive and Hitmen, and competed in Division 2 at the 2012 PSP World Cup (Oct 2012). The co-ed team finished up in 7th place out of 21 teams.

The team went on a sabbatical at the end of 2008 when Bea lost her father and at the time, she was 4 weeks pregnant with her first daughter, Bebe. Destiny came back in 2012 and beyond.

Destiny Paintball is a Valken Sponsored team, but Valken doesn't cover our expenses such as event entry fees and travel expenses. We are also supported by Anthrax Custom Paintball Apparel (out of Greece) for our apparel needs, Virtue Paintball, Social Paintball, RSH Media, Tykoon Designs (Tony Ocoro), Aaron Yendall (made the Destiny butterfly), and Exotic Tan (Team Captain, Kat Secor's Business).

Each player is responsible to be financially able to cover their share of the cost. Even our gear is not 100% free; our sponsorship is a discount on gear. 2012 was our proving year and rebuild. Destiny has an advantage, as we have in the past, because we have Mike Paxson, LA Ironmen pro, for a coach. We also have the assistance from living legends like Rocky Cagnoni and Sonny Lopez. Lamar Rosen is also our Florida-based Coach when we compete in regional events like the Central Florida Paintball Series, Grim Paintball Series at Extreme Rage, and even at Route 7 Paintball.

The Paxsons coach a number of different teams throughout the country!.  Click on a team below to pull up a picture and more information:

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■  Destiny 5 Man
■  Destiny 7 Man
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■  Destiny Team History
■  Mike Paxson Info and More !

Destiny Team History

Info will be posted soon!

Amanda Setzer
Andrea Martinez
Ashley Noble
Audrey Vazquez
Bea Paxson
Becky Raikles
Brianna Boswell
Brittany Wagoner
Caren Torre
Catherine Avila
Darian MacLeod
Ellis Martin
Gislaine Lopez
Ivon DeLaRosa
Jackie Lon
Jane Koh
Karin Schroepfer
Karla Andrade
Kat Secor
Katie Kelly
Kileigh Shilling
Leidy Rojas
Linh Nguyen
Linh Truong
Lisa Joehari
Liz Whybrew
Michelle Vickery
Mike Paxson
Monica Lopez
Nichole McEvers
Nikki McEvers
Rachel Griffin
Rachel Schaedel
Sammie Hiscox
Sarah Kelp
Tami Adamson
Virginia Chang-Alves
Yeya Diosa
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